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Vigitron Video Balun & Data / Power Combiner


Ideal for a wide variety of security and surveillance applications

  • Combines video, power and data into a single RJ-45 4-pair cable for up to 750 ft.
  • NTSC, PAL and SECAM video format
  • Built-in passive transceiver with surge protection
  • Built-in surge protection for video
  • Support for "up-the-coax" type signals
  • 60 dB cross talk and noise immunity
  • Compact size and easy installation
  • Designed for structured wiring applications
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Fullfilled By: Security Cameras Direct

The Vi1053VPD is a passive device that transports a single channel of video, RS-422/RS-485 data, and camera power over Category 5 cable for distances up to 750 ft. when used with passive transceivers. Its extremely compact size makes it possible to be used in a wide variety of applications. It may be used with Vi12xxVPD or Vi15xxVPD series for shorter distances and Vi13xxVPD or Vi14xxVPD series for longer distances. The Vi1053VPD connects to Category 5 cable via RJ-45. It provides a set of break-out cables; one pair each for power and data and a coax cable with BNC for video. For longer distances, it can be used with Vigitron Multi-Channel VPD Combiners and Active UTP Receivers to centralize power and extend video up to 3,000 ft. The Vi1053VPD has built-in surge suppression to protect video equipment against damaging voltage spikes. Its exceptional noise immunity ensures quality video signals. The Vi1053VPD is an ideal CCTV component for a structured cabling environment.